EN 322 จุดมุ่งหมาย หลักการ และวิธีแปล
(Nature and Methods of Translation)

ตอนที่  2 : การแปลอังกฤษ-ไทย

 บทที่  4   การแปลประโยคกรรม (Passive voice)  



I. จงแปลประโยค  Passive voice เหล่านี้ให้สละสลวย


1.  Cycling on the footpath is not allowed.


2.  Applications must be submitted by 21 March at  the latest.


3.  Rain is expected in the late afternoon.


4.  The less able candidates are sometimes elected to office.


5.  No one is granted extra credit in this course.


6.  Serm has been elected president of our youth club.


7.  Freshly baked biscuits should be kept warm in the oven.


8.  This dog can be trained to do so many things; he can even play dead.


9.  Mr. Smith was chosen as boss of the year.


10. The boat  was rocked by gigantic waves.


II. จงแปลประโยค  Passive voice และ Passive voice ลดรูปให้ถูกต้องสละสลวย

1.   Alcohol can be considered one of the most widely used drugs in the world apart from aspirin and penicillin.


2.   After the show, the audience was given a guided tour of the hall.


3.   When using this product, care must be taken to avoid all contact with the skin.


4.   It is commonly believed that women are more emotional than men and also that they tend to be more timid and less physically aggressive.


5.   Letters to the editor are welcomed, but not all  can be acknowledged.


6.   Hair is actually dead matter made up of the same keratin proteins found in fingernails. 


7.  The new project is for youth counselling carried out by Peace Corps volunteers.


8.  Courses on psychological counselling are also provided by many universities.


9.    Allergic reactions are frequently caused by microscopic mites found in dust particles.


10.  Children should be taught a sense of civic responsibility at a young age.          


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